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my dad and grandmother are treating me like such an inconvenience because they don’t seem to understand that I can go to the store and buy dress clothes for myself for this weekend when I am going to a wedding. I can go to the store all by myself. I’m a big boy, I’m in my mid 20s! I have a car! If I was aloud to go to the store by myself I’d have the entirety of the next 3 days to go shopping, get a hair cut, ect. However since my grandmother insists on going I only have a 2 hour window later this afternoon. On top of this she keeps saying “hurry up if you want me to go” as if it was my decision for her to go along and its an inconvenience for her…….. that’s not helping. Right now I have to wait for the next nurse to get here to take care of my grandfather, who can’t walk, so that we can go to the store together.

My grandmother is a really kind person, she has always been there when I needed things but today is getting a bit ridiculous. 

Doctor Who + references in other television shows

its funny how my friend calls me, puts me on speaker phone, and then proceeds to argue with his roommate for an hour about video games with me able to hear everything.

classic Martin. 

the social justice side of tumblr is so paradoxical to me

they keep trying to perpetuate the idea avoiding harmful phrasings, triggering words, and negative body images but then also attack entire groups of people for being a certain way especially things that they were born as, use horrible language, and refuse to be open to new ideas. 


My goal in life is to be Ikari Gai.

And no one on earth can tell me that isn’t an admirable and achievable life aspiration.



Today I went to the bookshop and look what I found!

There is another publishing house that publishes English Detective Conan manga.
However, they have kept the Japanese names AND it cost way cheaper than the “Case Closed” manga!!

I will definitely buy the manga!

*does research*

Hunh! How about that. Shogakukan Asia is doing English release books for Singapore. Nice!

…I wonder how much it’d be to import? =w=;

The Detective Conan Translation Project [DCTP] has been handed a cease and desist order from VIZ media and will no longer be providing weekly english translated chapters…..

sad day… I’ve been following their translations for nearly  8 years…..

I don’t know how to feel about this :’( 


Pretty much sums it all up.


Ah, the location of Gosho keyframes.

what the heck is dashcon?

did I miss something?


"I’m the Doctor. I’ve lived for over 2,000 years, I’ve made many mistakes. It’s about time I did something about that."

Check out the seires 8 trailer right here!

Doctor Who Series 8 Trailer [x]